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toys that go

Looking for toys

for 6-9 month olds?

  • Then start with toys for reciprocal play, aka back and forth play.  Rolling a ball between the two of you.  Taking turns stacking blocks.  Singing back to musical toys. All a great place to start.

  • Look for both gross motor and fine motor toys that teach cause and effect. At this age babies are curious about what effect they are having on the world around them.

  • Help your baby learn more about cause and effect.  Let them stack anything (you can help them!)  Blocks, stacking cups, toys etc, and then let them knock it all down and start over again.

  • You may also find that your 6 month old baby wants to play with their baby toys, but in a new way.  So pull those old toys out again.

Toys that go

sorting, Stacking and puzzling


6-9 mos

Sorting toys



They teach:

Shapes, colors, tune motor skills, sorting.  


The ability to sort doesn’t

start until 2yo.  Yet sorting toys are great fun for babies much younger who can play

with the blocks,

 start to learn their colors and shapes, and place them

inside the box or truck

with your help.


building & stacking


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