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Group Topics

Babies 0-12 Weeks


  • Feeding: Breast & bottle basics

  • Sleep strategies: How to get a better night's sleep

  • Soothing Techniques and how to handle the crying

  • Juggling it all: Getting out the front door & finding the time to shower

  • Relationships: How to manage all the changes

  • Navigating the New Normal

  • Going back to work or finding a framework for staying at home


Babies 3-5 Months

  • How to play and stimulate your growing baby

  • Sleep: How to make it through the night and schedule your days

  • Common Health Concerns in the first year: When to call the doc and what’s normal

  • Developing a parenting partnership

  • Balancing it all: When reality and fantasy don’t match

  • Feeding the older baby and prepping for solids

  •  Developmental milestones: What to expect next 

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