Moms Group Testimonials


Our group has all stayed in touch, so along the way I have gained a wonderful network of Mommy friends. 

Jessica R.

I'm never ready for this group to end!  I look forward to coming every week. 

Ali E.

I think Jessica offers a truly valuable experience... joining a supportive group where information is shared, rather than feeling like we are in a baby-raising course.

Jenny D.

Jessica offers advice on sleeping and feeding at every stage. I found her advice not only helpful, but spot-on for whatever issue we were tackling that week.  Getting through those first few months is so tough. With Jessica’s class you walk away feeling reassured that you are doing a great job.  I couldn’t recommend her class more!


The group has been FANTASTIC and far exceeded my expectations for what I thought I would get out of it...having a built in support system has been amazing.

Kristin S.

From the insights shared to the warm and welcoming environment, the community that Jessica helps to create has been at once an invaluable resource to our family and a lot of fun for me as a new mom. 

Callie M.

Can't recommend this class enough. It's a great way to make friends with other moms in the neighborhood and gain valuable advice and insight from Jessica.  I look forward to every group!

Eliza S.

"I did a series of support group classes with Jessica and the experience was life changing! I made so many wonderful friends, found playmates for my baby, and learned so much from Jessica's fantastic guidance! 

Findley D.